Wayne Rainey

Wayne grew up in a racing family as his father was a go-kart racer.  He began riding a 50cc Honda mini-bike when he was 6 years old.  At 9 years old he began racing at several locations in the Southern California area.  Progressing quickly up through the ranks he got his rookie expert #8E in 1979.  Struggling through the season with injuries, in 1980 he earned 6 top-10 finishes.  That same year he also took part in club-level road races with Kawasaki.  In 1981 he won the novice 250 Grand Prix race at Loudon NH on a factory Kawasaki, who then signed him to race the AMA Superbike Series for 1982.  In 1983 and 1987 he was the AMA Superbike Champion and from 1990 to 1992 he was the 500CC World Road Racing Champion.  In 1993 he suffered a career-ending crash in Italy, but he returned in 1994 with his own GP racing team.  Wayne retired in 1998 and resides with his wife and son in the Monterrey CA area


Scott Parker

Scott’s father bought him his first mini-bike when he was 6 years old and used his backyard as his practice track.  He began racing flat track and motocross when he was 12 and pursued flat track due to its popularity at the time.  He won his first amateur championship in the 250cc division in 1976 and a national title in the junior division in 1978.  In his rookie-expert season in 1979 he had 8 top-10 finishes and won the Nationals at DuQuoin IL and Indianapolis IN.  He was the youngest rider to win an AMA Grand National race at the age of 17.  He finished 9th in points and was the AMA Rookie of the Year.  Scott went on to win an impressive 94 Grand National Championship events and holds the record with 9 AMA Grand National Championships.  Scott retired from racing in 1994; however, he did come back in 2000 and raced the Springfield Mile – which he won.  Scott resides with his wife and 2 kids in the Flint MI area.

Tommy Duma

Tom’s mother got him involved in racing at the age of 8 years old at a local scrambles track (TT) after reading an advertisement in the local newspaper. From 1972 to 1975 Tommy won district, state and national championships on 125 to 250cc motorcycles in short track, half mile and TT races and was inducted into the Ohio Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1978. Tom turned professional in 1976 and after one month needed to attend his mother who was battling cancer. So in 1977 Tom restarted his professional career winning 15 races that year and finishing #1 in the district, 1 in the state & region and top 5 in the nation. 1978 also was a great year wining 12 junior races that year and traveled doing the AMA eastern regional championship as well as traveling the Grand National Circuit doing select Junior Invitational and finished #1 in the state championship, 2 in the eastern region and top 6 nationally. In 1979 Tom transfered to expert ranks finishing 9th at Duquion in his first GNC National main event. After a straightaway crash in 1981 at the Indianapolis Mile involving Chuck Springsteen, Tom had career ending injuries and retired from the sport he loved. He married his high school sweetheart in 1982 and had twin sons (27) and a daughter (21). Today Tom owns and operates Thom Duma Fine Jewelers which is the Official Jeweler to the AMA Pro Flat Track Series.

Charlie Roberts

“Chas”, as they call him, grew up in his dad's Yamaha shop in Springfield, IL.  He got his first mini bike at the age of 5 and raced for the first time at the age of 6.  He won several District 17 Titles and captured the Amateur National Championship in 1976 at age 15.  In 1977, Chas won the Novice Class National title over Ronnie Jones and Wayne Rainey, winning 17 main events in the process.  In 1978 he finished 3rd in the Junior Division on a Yamaha.  In 1979 as a rookie-expert he made his first AMA Grand National Championship main event in Louisville.  This major accomplishment started a 5 year relationship with Johnny Goad.  1984 brought injury and mechanical issues that would end his career in flat track racing.  Chas is now an Insurance Producer, still resides in his hometown of Springfield IL with his wife Verna, daughter Rhiannon, son “Lil Charlie”, and his daughter Paige is attending Virginia Tech.  Chas credits his hard leaned skills of AMA Pro Racing to his success.

Johnny Wincewicz

John began riding at age 7 when his Grandfather bought him a Honda Mini-Trail 50.  At age 11, he began racing a Suzuki 50 on both MX and flat track courses.  By age 14 he was both flat tracking on a Honda CR125 and road racing on a Yamaha TA125.  At the age of 15, he won the AMA Amateur National Championship in the 251-360 Class.  He also finished 5th in the AMA Amateur Road Race National Championships in the 125GP Class.  In 1977 he got his AMA Pro License in flat track and road racing. In spite of a DNF in the Daytona Novice Race at the beginning of the year, he went on to finish 2nd in the Western Region flat track points.  John was leading the nation in points on a 4 stroke XL250 until a late season crash relegated him to finish 2nd.  In 1978 John rode an XR750 on half miles and miles and a Triumph on TTs finishing 1st in Western Region and 1st in National Points.  He also won the Junior Invitationals at the San Jose Mile and the Castle Rock TT.  In 1979 John made the AMA Grand National main events at the Castle Rock TT, Ascot TT, Ascot HM, and the Peoria TT.  This propelled him to the high point TT rookie-expert in the nation.  In 1980 John rode for HD West and received help from HD. This was a tough year plagued with 8 DNF's, a couple of crashes (dislocated shoulder at Peoria), and only 2 national mains at Ascot HM and San Jose Mile.  From 1982-1993 John rode some West Coast National and Regional Events.  In 1994 he won the AMA 600cc Short Track National at Hannagen Speedway in Bellingham, Washington, and finished 5th in the 600cc Point Standings.  From 1995-2006 he rode some West Coast 883 Nationals and some select flat track races throughout the West Coast, and also did some Amateur 600cc Road Racing.  John retired from racing following the 2006 season and is currently living just outside of Olympia, Washington near the Capitol Forrest Riding Area with his wife, children, and grandchildren.

Jackie Mitchell

Jackie worked in his family’s Honda motorcycle dealership as a young man working in all areas of the dealership.  During this time he sharpened his motorcycle riding skills and started racing competitively at age eleven, and turned professional at age sixteen.  Jackie was a multi-time national amateur champion, racing all over the country.  Was named Motorcyclist Magazine’s Novice dirt track rider of the year, inducted into the Ohio Motorcycle Hall of fame, and won numerous victories and awards throughout his professional career.  He also had a very successful professional career racing the AMA’s Grand National Camel and Winston Pro Series.  After retiring from motorcycle racing and attending college, he worked for Kerker Exhaust Company as their Eastern U.S. Sales Manager.  He left Kerker after eleven months to form a new company with a group of friends.  They formed AXO Sport America, an off-road motorcycle apparel company dedicated to producing the finest motorcycle racing apparel in the industry.  Jackie also managed a company named Sinisalo U.S.A., which was a direct competitor of AXO that they purchased.  Another AXO offshoot was a company named Mechanix Wear.  It is the leader in manufacturing mechanic’s gloves and various other items of protective clothing worn by technicians and race teams in all forms of motor sports around the world. In 1990 he switched gears and started a new career path.  They moved back to Indiana, expecting their first child, desiring to raise their children around family and our Midwest roots.  He entered the automotive business joining Charlie Royal, a mega-dealer in Bloomington, Indiana.  In recent times Jackie has dedicated his focus on obtaining a Honda open point and fulfilling a dream of one day operating his own Honda dealership.   Jackie currently resides in Bedford, IN with his wife Rebecca and their children Emily, Abby, Annie, Jack, Margaret and Elizabeth.