Rookies of '79 and friends

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Your charity benefits by a program offered by If you are an Amazon customer, all you have to do is to sign up on the site @ Go to the link, and choose "Pro Flat Track Ama Rookie Class Of 79 And Friends Fund" as your selected charity. Then, if you use to initiate any purchases that you would normally make on line, a portion of the sale price is set aside by Amazon and on a quarterly basis is donated to Rookies of '79.

As you can see below, the charity will receive a payment from Amazon because of this program of $322.37 for 3 months of on line purchases. For the prior quarter, your charity was gifted $563.65. These purchases were made by you, the fans, friends and family of flat track. Thank you to everyone that has used this service. It costs you nothing, and results in "free money" to the charity to help our injured athletes.