Welcome flat track family!  We can't thank you enough for helping us fulfill our mission to help our injured riders in their time of need.  Please explore your options here to either donate to our general fund, donate to a special fundraiser, purchase items, view our current auction items, or sign up for one of our special events!  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so donations are tax deductible!

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2021 - Indian Motorcycle Giveaway - FTR
2021 - Indian Motorcycle Giveaway - Tick

Win This Indian FTR Rally

One Ticket $25


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2021 - Indian Motorcycle Giveaway - Genr
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Win This Brad Baker FTR Replica

Mini Bike from Sunday Motors

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Help Us Help An Injured Rider


Joshua Denniston


Josh, husband and father, was involved in a motorcycle accident while racing at Lucky Thumb in Deford, Michigan on Friday, July 9, 2021. His bike high-sided and ejected him as he was going into turn 3. He has been hospitalized since then and has no plans for discharge as of today.

His bike ended up on top of him crushing the vertebrae that connects his skull to his spine and causing two compression fractures in his T1 and T2 vertebrae. He also broke his left arm in two spots. He was taken by ambulance to the local hospital but airlifted to a trauma center an hour away.

Josh has been unable, up until today (7/12/21), to have surgery due to the broken neck and back. They were able to finally get a brace that he will wear 24/7 for the next 4 months that will allow him to finally have the surgery which is scheduled for today.

To help Joshua and his family
please click below to donate. 

Donations For Josh

Win This limited edition (1 of 875) lithrograph titled
"The ulitmate Champion" 
by artist scott Jacobs.

The origional artwork was destroyed therefore no other prints will be made of this lithograph. There will only be 875 total ever produced. 

One Ticket $5
Six for $20

Tickets will be drawn at the Port Royal Half Mile
July 24, 2021. 

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Scotty P Letter of Authenticity.jpg

The flat track family once again comes through!

This item (Yamaha 2200 Watt Generator) was to be raffled off to help raise funds for Jeremy Higgins. Well, Jeremy felt so blessed by all the help from his fans and the Rookies of '79 that he is actually paying it forward.  Jeremy has donated this amazing item (and hard to find in the stores) to help other riders through the Rookies of '79 benevolence fund. 

Thank you Jeremy! 
Thanks also to Yamaha and Sunnyside Cycle and Crusaders Motorcyle Club. 

Tickets are only $5 each 

(Once purchased we will send you an email with your ticket information)  

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